(GAACO) Consists of two divisions,

1) Imports / Exports(Whole Sale Division)

2) Supplying (Retail Division)

(Supplying Division)

We deliver unique products with hygienically clean chiller vans, in accordance with the Dubai municipality from our state of art cold storage facility right to your door step.

Storage facility

With two large cold storage space facilitating over 195 tonnes of fresh fruits & Vegetables, with the latest and modern technology room controlled temperatures for a healthier preserves and delivering the finest to our business’s needs.

Therefore we understand what each business sectors requirements are into providing healthier options to each and every business practices covering various sectors.

GAACO Footprint within MENA

(GAACO) is one of the main leading and distinguished importers within UAE, where we pay a closer attention into the imports done and the quality durability of each product. Our team of Quality assurance has a final check into the goods imported and approves the sale within the market and within the retail sectorin which finally is consumed by the end-users.

We at Ghulam Ali Ahmed Company deal exclusively with 20 trading partners globally, to meet the needs of our clients and our retail sector.

At GAACOis your primary source of supplying your daily catering needs to your end users and business requirements